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上海科技大学数学科学研究所青年学者论坛 2021

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 Young Scholars Forum 2021, IMS at ShanghaiTech University 

上海科技大学数学科学研究所青年学者论坛 2021年12月15-16日将在上海举行。研究所诚邀国内外有志人士,聚首浦江东岸,交流研究成果,迸发思想火花。在享受学术盛宴的同时,增进彼此了解,创造加盟机会,共同担负起造就新一代数学和应用数学领域独创型人才的使命,在上海建立一流的数学教育和研究中心。 

Young Scholars Forum 2021, Institute of Mathematical Sciences at ShanghaiTech University, will be held in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park from 15 to 16, December, 2021. We sincerely invite you to gather at the bund to communicate research results and exchange inspiring ideas, in the hopes of enhancing mutual understanding, leveraging collaboration opportunities and jointly undertaking the mission of establishing a first-class mathematics education and research center in Shanghai. 

申请截止日/Application deadline:2021年 11月30日/2021.11.30 

论坛形式/Forum Format 

线上、线下结合/Online and offline 

论坛地点/Forum Location 


IMS, School of Creativity & Arts, ShanghaiTech University 


No. 393 Huaxia Middle Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 







The Institute for Mathematical Sciences at ShanghaiTech University expects to fill multiple positions in 2022. The areas of interests include, but not limited to, Algebraic Geometry,Number Theory, Representation Theory, Differential Geometry,Geometric Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Theoretical Statistics, Applied Statistics, Biostatistics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Optimization, Stochastic Process, Random Matrix Theory, Operation Research, Topological Data Analysis and Computational Methods in the context of data science.  

Faculty appointments at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences consist of four levels: research assistant professor, assistant professor, associate professor and full professor. New faculty members are expected to be appointed as either assistant or associate professors depending on experience. Research assistant professor positions are also available. The teaching load of all faculty members is two one-semester courses per year. 

Assistant professors are expected to have a demonstrated potential to be leading researchers internationally. These “tenure-track” positions have a six-year duration. Associate professors are established experts in their field. These tenured positions are permanent. 

Salaries are competitive and subsidized housing is available on campus. 

More information about the positions and The Institute for Mathematical Sciences at ShanghaiTech University can be found at http://ims.shanghaitech.edu.cn/jzgw/list.htm 


申请者需提交如下材料到/Applicants should submit the following documents to ims@shanghaitech.edu.cn 

1.简历,包括著述列表/ CV, including a list of publications 

2.研究陈述(不超过五页),描述重要学术成果及未来几年的研究计划/ A research statement of up to 5 pages, describing your main achievements to date, as well as outlining the program of research you intend to follow for the next few years   

3.教学理念/teaching statement  

4.推荐人名单(姓名、工作单位、联系方式)/ List of references (Name, affiliation, contact infor.) 

数学科学研究所介绍/About us 


Opening in fall 2018, the Institute of Mathematical Sciences aspires to be a leading research center for mathematics. The Institute will provide an ideal environment for world-class researchers, enabling them to cultivate a new generation of creative talents in all areas of mathematics. Faculty members will be supported by excellent opportunities to hire postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students. The Institute will regularly host international research conferences and longer research programs and host many visiting professors, both for short-term and for long-term. Alongside its research activities, the Institute will also offer active undergraduate and graduate programs for talented students.  







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