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2019-11-6 20:06
http://linxue.njfu.edu.cn/sz/ShowJs.asp?id=358 http://linxue.njfu.edu.cn/info.php?cid=117 姓名: 薛良交 系别: 林木遗传育种系 职务: 教师 类别: 教授 最终学历: 博士研究生 最终学位: 理学博士 办公电话: 电子邮箱: lxue@njfu.edu.cn 教育经历: ...
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How to do genomics researches
2013-2-17 00:54
Overview of Chamaecrista Genomics Research http://serc.carleton.edu/exploring_genomics/chamaecrista/index.html I like the summary there: Genomics research requires: A biological question DNA or protein sequences Computational methods to an ...
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A mendeley group of RNAseq
2013-1-31 08:12
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Drawing chromosome ideogams with data
2013-1-24 05:00
The quantsmooth Bioconductor package also has chromosome plotting functionality in the prepareGenomeplot(), paintCytobands() functions GenomeGraphs package in Bioconductor allows to draw (human) chromosome ideograms with R One more for people comfortable with R/BioC and looking for ways to pl ...
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Online Plant Comparative Genomics Tools
2012-7-10 04:37
Genome Cluster Database GreenPhylDB OrthologID Plant Genome Duplication Database Phytozome PlantTribes PlantEnsembl CoGe Gramene SynBrowse PLAZA
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Useful tools for comparative genomics studies
2010-4-14 18:24
These tools are summarized from a forum in Bioinformatics To see the original information, click the link bellow. http://biostar.stackexchange.com/questions/363/what-tools-libraries-do-you-use-to-visualize-genomic-feature-data Circos, this software was published in Geno ...
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