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2019-11-6 20:06
http://linxue.njfu.edu.cn/sz/ShowJs.asp?id=358 http://linxue.njfu.edu.cn/info.php?cid=117 姓名: 薛良交 系别: 林木遗传育种系 职务: 教师 类别: 教授 最终学历: 博士研究生 最终学位: 理学博士 办公电话: 电子邮箱: lxue@njfu.edu.cn 教育经历: ...
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Tools to detect synteny blocks regions among multiple genome
2014-3-10 06:36
Tools to detect synteny blocks regions among multiple genome Many tools are listed there: http://bioinformaticsonline.com/blog/view/4574/tools-to-detect-synteny-blocks-regions-among-multiple-genomes
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JC1: Plant fitness and soil microbes
2014-3-8 23:57
I am going to create a journal club section in this blog, to record some interesting papers I read recently. It may be good for summarization later. And then I will not ask where the time was going? JC1: Rapid responses of soil microorganisms improve plant fitness in novel environments ...
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Organization of the GO enrichment in maps- Enrichment Map
热度 1 2014-2-12 21:11
Enrichment Map Visualization is always a challenge, but we all know that itis valuable. Here are some charming scientific graphs. http://www.nbcnews.com/science/science-news/visualization-contest-celebrates-sciences-stars-show-n23181 People may be attracted by the graphs and then the scientific c ...
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Convert RAW data from TXT to CEL format in ArrayExpress
2014-2-6 13:56
Convert RAW data from TXT to CEL format in ArrayExpress The raw data of some datasets in ArrayExpress are in TXT format. Although some of them are from Affymetrix platform, they cann't be loaded by default using R packages like affyio. After checking the definition of CEL format here( ...
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Workshop on genome assembly and gene annotion
2013-12-5 05:21
Workshop on genome assembly and gene annotion https://pods.iplantcollaborative.org/wiki/display/Events/2013+12+04+TSW+CSHL+Plant+Genomes+and+Biotechnology+Meeting When: Wednesday 4 December 2013, 12:00 PM - 05:00 PM Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada) https://cshl. ...
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2013-8-18 01:16
基因组编辑是很有前景的生物技术,可以用于基因治疗,作物改良等诸多方面。 科学网上关于这个技术已有很好的科普(漫话基因组编辑,徐鑫, http://www.blog.sciencetimes.com.cn/blog-876720-676055.html). 和大部分生物技术一样,植物中的研究往往会稍微落后于动物方面的研究。这和科研经费的分配是挂钩的。Money talks。 在从 ...
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