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何毓琦 2018-11-7 04:07
Thank you very much. But please read the first sentence of anyone of my blogs first.

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Why do I keep writing single-author papers(为什么我坚持写唯一作者文章)? 2021-07-19
Because thousands of authors would appaer on a research paper in our field. For example, the famous paper from ATLAS reporting the observ ...
Can Higgs explain Leption Universality Violation in B->Kll ? 2021-03-25
A few days ago, the LHCb collaboration reported an evidence for Lepton Universality Violation (LUV) in the beauty-quark decays B -> K l + l - ...
A problem about the AM-GM inequality (一道关于均值不等式的题目) 2021-02-01
Recently, Kai-Liang brought to my attention an extension form of the classic inequality of the arithmetic and geometric means. It ...
My experience of using Fourier transformation (我使用傅利叶变换的经历) 2021-01-19
I was shocked the first time when I knew Fourier transformtion. It is amazing that nearly any function could be expanded as a sum of simple sine ...
First observation of Mercury 第一次看到水星 2020-11-13
11th Nov. is said to be the last and best day in 2020 to observe Mercury. Because the angular distance between Sun and Mercury is the greatest ...
素数基本定理证明中有趣的3-4-1引理 2020-10-16
素数基本定理 是描述素数分布的一个非常重要的定理。它表明素数的密度大约是1/log(x),即 不大于x内的素数个数大约为x/log(x) 。 Jacques Solomon ...
A representations of Euler\'s constant (欧拉常数) 2020-09-10
欧拉常数通常用 表示,其值约为0.5772。它有N多表示方式,可以看一下它的 百度百科 。我最近在看analytic number theory,知道其中的三种。有一种积 ...
A primary-school (Fibonacci-type) problem 2020-09-04
 I knew this problem in a WeChat group chat. It is said to be a problem for primary-school students. Here is the problem. How many ...


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