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中文引用格式:吴超. 3MS-5Meic安全系统模型的构建及其应用研究[J].中国安全科学学报,2020308):1-11.

英文引用格式:WU Chao. Construction of 3MS-5Meic system safety & security model and its application [J].China Safety Science Journal, 2020308):1-11.





Construction of 3MS-5Meic System Safety & Security Model and Its Application


Abstract: In order to meet the needs of security problems in the continuous development of social technology system, it is of great significance to build a new security system model that adapts to complex system and has versatility. By using the system analysis method, factor classification method and system level method, a nested security system model is constructed, which is composed of micro-meso-macro three scale systems (3MS) and mission-man-machine-material-management-environment-information-culture 8 factors (5Meic). Also, the characteristics and application methods of the model are described. On this basis, combined with the rapid development of China's high-speed rail and the potential outstanding risks in high-speed rail operation, the model is applied to this area. In the construction of the safety model of the system, the mechanism and necessity of social forces participating in the safety governance of high-speed rail are demonstrated, and the effectiveness of the model is also verified. The results show that the model can be used to guide the safety micro-matching, meso-matching and macro-matching of the elements in the micro-system, meso-system and macro-system, so as to achieve the security objectives of complex systems. The model can be applied to the security analysis and evaluation of various scales and scenarios, as well as the classification and system construction of security factors, and has a wide promotion value.

Keywords: complex system; safety & security model; 3MS-5Meic model; high speed rail security governance; social forces




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